Who we are

Akateeminen maanpuolustusyhdistys – ARU ry is the leading association for reservist, shooting and physical exercise activities in Finland. Established in 1957, we are also quite old!

What do we do

ARU organises active weekly SRA-practices, orienteering and fitness tests. We also do movie nights, participate actively in jotos challenges and take part in the Finnish military battle exercises. We also support our members in these and related activities.

Taking part

To join as a full fledged member you must be a reputable Finnish citizen and a university student who accepts the purpose of our association. The membership fee is currently 17€.

To join as an associate member, you only need to be interested in what we do. The membership fee is currently 39€.

To take part in pretty much all of our association activities, being an associate member is enough. The board approves new members should the applicant fit the description.